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01x01 - "Our Cup Runneth Over"After their business manager steals all of their money, the once-wealthy Roses are forced to move to the town of Schitt's Creek, which Johnny bought in 1991 as a joke gift for David; they take up residence in the town's motel.
2 261
01x02 - "The Drip"Johnny tries to get permission to sell Schitt's Creek; Johnny, Moira, and David have dinner at Roland and Jocelyn Schitt's home; Alexis goes to a truck party to try to find a young man to make out with.
1 157
01x03 - "Don't Worry, It's His Sister"Johnny tries to have the offensive town sign removed; Moira has one of her periodic emotional crises after reading nasty things about herself on the Internet, and Johnny places Alexis in charge of taking care of Moira until the crisis passes; Moira accepts Jocelyn's invitation to discuss acting with the students at the elementary school; David searches for a job.
2 197
01x04 - "Bad Parents"Worried that they have been bad parents, Johnny and Moira try to get to know David and Alexis better; teamed with Mutt while performing community service as a result of a drunk-driving conviction, Alexis comes to believe that Mutt is having an affair with Jocelyn; with David in need of money to fund his extravagant lifestyle, Stevie helps him try to sell his clothes.
2 228
01x05 - "The Cabin"Tired of the lack of privacy at the motel, Johnny and Moira borrow Roland's and Jocelyn's cabin for a romantic overnight visit; Alexis talks David into having a games night at the motel while their parents are at the cabin, but invites additional people without his permission and turns the evening into a drunken party.
1 162
01x06 - "Wine and Roses"A winery hires Moira as its commercial spokesperson; David suffers a panic attack; David and Alexis attend a partner yoga class with Jocelyn, Mutt, and Twyla.
1 178
01x07 - "Turkey Shoot"David's inability to kill an insect in his room inspires Stevie to invite him to the town's annual turkey shoot. Meanwhile, Jocelyn invites Moira to a day out at a beauty salon. Ted, the veterinarian, asks Alexis out on a date.
1 186
01x08 - "Allez-Vous"Moira receives a package from an old friend which turns out to be a starter kit for a multi-level marketing cosmetics company. She and David arrange a demonstration in her motel room. Meanwhile, Johnny tries to apply for unemployment and has trouble finding reliable transportation. Alexis thinks Ted is too nice a person.
1 181
01x09 - "Carl's Funeral"Johnny is asked to do the eulogy at the funeral of a man he never knew. Two rowdy relatives of the deceased arrive in town which disgusts David but they are related to Stevie. Alexis thinks Ted is too kind to animals.
1 166
01x10 - "Honeymoon"Johnny and Moira, realizing they have no social life, get invited to a party hosted by Jocelyn and Roland. Meanwhile, Ted invites his friends including Alexis, David, Stevie, Mutt and Twyla to a social gathering. The two parties become a study in contrasts between the two generations of Schitt's Creek residents.
1 159
01x11 - "Little Sister"Moira's estranged younger sister pays a surprise visit. Meanwhile, David agrees to talk to a student in Jocelyn's class about being 'different'.
2 150
01x12 - "Surprise Party"Johnny wants to throw a surprise birthday party for Moira, but complications develop when Moira takes over planning for what she thinks is a fundraiser, which is really the party.
1 223
01x13 - "Town for Sale"Johnny finds a potential buyer for the town, but Alexis and David develop an attachment to Schitt's Creek.
2 202
ExtrasScreencaps from the Schitt's Creek featurettes, webisodes, exclusives, etc.
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