Press: From The Expanse to Schitt’s Creek: 25 great TV shows you’ve probably never seen

With so much quality TV jostling for our attention, a perfectly worthwhile show can easily slip into obscurity nowadays. But for viewers who can bear to tear themselves away from Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Narcos a world of under-appreciated television awaits. We’ve trawled the nether reaches of Netflix, Amazon Prime etc to bring you the definitive countdown of below-the-radar telly worth a second glance.

Schitts Creek
Worth its place on our shortlist on the basis of its wickedly punning name alone. This Canadian family comedy was created by Eugene Levy (American Pie) and his son Daniel. Levy senior stars as a video store magnate thrown into poverty when an accountant absconds with his fortune. The family is reduced to living in the eponymous Schitt’s Creek, a one horse town which, back in their megabucks days, they bought as a joke.